COVID - 19


We are in the midst of a history making global pandemic.


While there are many theories about the origin of the virus, it is currently officially unknown. However, researchers are working hard to discover the origin of the virus.


Doctors and scientists do not yet fully understand the virus's severity or symptoms. Somebody who tests positive for COVID - 19 can range from no symptoms to severe symptoms, and even death. Those with underlying medical conditions such as but not limited to: diabetes, lung disease, or heart conditions, are more likely to experience more critical symptoms. Further, the disease tends to have a greater negative effect on the elderly.


The best way to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading is to practice social distancing. This means that you should try your best not come in close contact with anyone that you do not live with. It is suggested that you maintain at least 6 feet of space between yourself and another individual. It is important to only go into public areas if it is absolutely essential. Further, it is extremely helpful to wear protective gear such as masks or gloves. Social distancing is effective because it prevents the transfer of the virus between people. The less people you come in contact with, the less people you are able to transmit the virus to, or to receive the virus from.


The virus has put a serious strain on the mental health and wellbeing of so many people. It is important to recognize that both isolation and the thought of the virus spreading can be anxiety inducing. As lifestyles shift and change everyday, it is important to do your best to care for yourself and those around you. Everyone has a different reaction to this pandemic and isolation in quarantine, and YFH feels that it is extremely important to discuss the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic on mental health.



We understand and empathize with your personal hardships while dealing with the Coronavirus. We hope you can use the "share your story" tab to share your personal experience with us and others. Please remember that you may choose to remain anonymous and that we want "share your story" to be a safe space to vent. If you do not feel comfortable sharing your hardships but need to reach out for help coping with emotional distress, please seriously consider contacting us. We will personally respond to you and will do our best to help you with whatever you need. The Youth for Health team is here for each and every one of you during this hard time. We youth, all in this together. 

the Youth for Health team

cite: all information about the COVID - 19 outbreak is sourced from CDC